About Akademia

We promote and teach mindfulness, on a Poland-wide basis. Our teaching and information sessions are rooted in the approaches and techniques in the University of Massachusetts Medical Center MBSR - Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction - course (Kabat-Zinn), as well as recipient-specific programmes built upon it:

  • the eight-week MBCT - Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy - course (Segal, Williams, Teasdale)
  • the nine-lesson Mindfulness in Schools Programme .b ('dot-be') curriculum (Burnett, Cullen, O'Neil)

Our trainers can call upon the guidance of our internationally experienced Scientific Advisory Board.


We live in an achievement-oriented society, in which we are encouraged to concentrate on “doing”. From early childhood on, we automate our day-to-day behaviours to allow us to be more productive. We habitually direct most of our attention towards the remembering and analysing the past, or planning and imagining the future.  

Mindfulness involves intentionally focusing our attention on whatever is currently occurring, with an attitude of good-natured curiosity. Practicing such an attitude leads towards a personal, intuitive balance between “doing” and “being”.


Graduates of the Academy of Mindfulness

  • In life nothing happens without a reason. At the end of last year I moved to a place so quiet that I began to hear my own thoughts. Which were restless. At the beginning I did not have a TV set so I rediscovered the radio. Michael Sanderson was a guest on one of the programmes. There was mention of a mindfulness course. 


    Ania K.

  • Mindfulness put me in touch with my body and my emotions.  

    It taught me to pay more attention, made me aware of the more difficult sensations in my body and gave me the tools that enabled me to cope with them.



  • On the 4th of December I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The labour was lightning-quick - it lasted an hour and a half from the first contraction... Thankfully, I was aware enough of my own body and of the fact that this was IT, so as to leave for the hospital on time ;) I had been having contractions for a month, but this time I felt it was different... 


    Ewelina Górska-Bolesta

Books about Mindfulness

The popular literature on Mindfulness has now become so extensive that it can be hard to know where to start. The following Michael Sanderson's personal selection.